ST Wangan Sdn. Bhd. is a joint a partnership between ST Powered Pte. Ltd. and Wangan Racing Sdn. Bhd.

ST Powered Pte. Ltd. was established in year 2000 is currently one of the top performance tuning outlets in Singapore. ST Powered is also one of the biggest stockist of Japanese performance products in the region. 

Wangan Racing Sdn. Bhd., was established in 2002 as a wholesaler focusing purely in exporting performance car products. In 2006, Wangan Racing opened its retail outlet and workshop in Sunway, Petaling Jaya.

In late 2007, Wangan Racing and ST Powered entered into partnership to form ST Wangan Sdn. Bhd. We also have a workshop where we cater for all types of services from regular maintenance to full on modifications and engine rebuilds and tuning. Our 4WD Dyno facility is also available.

To date, ST WANGAN is the at the forefront of supplying Japanese performance parts by being the AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTOR for TOMEI POWERED, VARIS, BRIDE, AP RACING, AUTOEXE, OGURA RACING CLUTCH (ORC), and many other Products. We also have a wide selection of Japanese Sport Rims, like Rays Engineering, Advan, etc.

We also carry OS Giken clutches, Top Secret products, Kaaz, Defi Peformance Meters, APP Braking Products, TRUST, A'PEXi and many other Japanese Performance Parts and Accessories.


Nissan R35 GT-R Performance Parts

The Nissan GT-R, although no longer carrying the "Skyline" badge, has heritage in the Nissan Skyline GT-R. Like the Skyline GT-Rs R32 through R34, the Nissan GT-R is all-wheel drive with a twin-turbo 6 cylinder engine.. (READ MORE)


TOMEI Powered is synonymous with building exceptionally beautiful, powerful and reliable engines and high quality engine components for car makes like Nissan, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Toyota etc. 
TOMEI POWERED was founded by Mr. Seiichi Suzuki back in 1968 when he initially formed TOMEI as a tuning factory for race cars back in 1968. It was established as TOMEI MOTORS CO LTD back then. TOMEI was soon recognised for it's technology, performance experience with their reliable high end race engines. And now, in a rare opportunity for, we have the privilege of interviewing the President and Director of TOMEI POWERED... (READ MORE


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